Boreas Launch System

BOREAS is a 3-part small satellite launch system with the world’s first solid fueled rocket to thrust, throttle, and vector. With rockets that are 3D printed and scalable to payloads, we offer a practical, cost effective option for the on-demand launches of small satellite payloads

Our balloon carries the rocket to the atmosphere’s edge, allowing for launch site selections that would be, at best, impractical for a ground based launcher. Our truly mobile launch system expands the range and options of orbits and missions of your payload. Providing on-demand launches on the site of a critical emergency situation gives you the ability to address geographically based mission needs.

Hyperion is a recoverable drop-ship that contains our on board flight computer, Zeus. Using proprietary non-GPS based tracking technology, Hyperion finalizes a firing solution for the Hermes rocket and places your payload in a discrete orbit. The wing can also operate as a drone that extends LEO mission length and safely returns valuable payloads

Hermes is a 3D-Printed rocket capable of carrying scalable payloads to LEO and beyond. Our disposable Hermes rocket utilizes unique engineering and a proprietary heat coating to achieve a cost effective launch solution. It is the first solid fueled rocket to thrust, throttle, and vector.