Our Mission

We are opening up access to space through capabilities achieved through our technological advances. We want to be your gateway to the stars and shepherd home. It is only fitting that we are located in St. Louis – the gateway city that equipped and launched the pioneers who settled the West

Our Method

Our mission to make the possibilities of space readily available inspired us to rethink how to enable the modern pioneer with a hunger for science, orbital commerce and exploration. We’ve thrown away convention, embraced history, and began a journey of experimentation and re-invention. We learned from hometown friends, fearless Gemini and Mercury program engineers, who helped advance America’s first forays into space. By embracing the same experimental development process, we are reaping the benefits of failing fast and failing often. And, like those that innovated before us, we are clearing our own path into space.

Your Future

We’ve brought together the very first flight technology, the balloon, with something brand new. We invented a way to print a highly advanced fully composite engine in two days. Our production process means you can access space on-demand. No more overpriced launches, no more backlogs, and with our return vehicle, no more one-way trips. With advanced capabilities at the most affordable prices, the only question is what will you do in space?

February 3


First rocket fired with a PLA 3D printed Hermes thrust system in place. Used off the shelf G79-10W aerotech motor. Generation 1 heat coating.
March 27

Bella R1

Balloon carried a small rocket to an altitude of about 80,000 feet where the rocket launched. Traveled 54 miles down range. Established that the fuel mixture we anticipated using would fire in the low oxygen environment.
July 1


Fired 16 iterations of this rocket system. Adjusted geometry within 24 hours of previous firing. Generation 2-5 heat coating was finished, survived 1200℃ through full stress cycle.
July 9

Bella R2

Balloon carried a small rocket to an altitude above 100,000 feet. Two balloons gave us a higher altitude and longer drift before landing.
September 3

Generation 8 Heat Coating

Developed a proprietary composite heat coating and application process. The proprietary heat coating allows PLA plastic, that normally melts at 200C, to survive a composite rocket operational cycle and withstand +3000℃ and upwards of 10,000 psi. Patents pending.
March 10


Fired over 9 rockets to date. Currently firing at a rate of one thrust system per week. Four different geometries were tested for main observations.
May 18


Fired 2 MK4 rockets, with more to follow. This iteration is to develop geometries for proper thrust capabilities. ISP numbers are consistently increasing.

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